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Gene - Rarities Vol. 1

Gene rarities from my collection:
01 Baby I'm Sorry (demo)
02 Rising For Sunset (A full studio recorded demo version)
03 Left-Handed (demo cassette)
04 Yours For The Taking (live 2000/rising for sunset outtake)
05 For The Dead (4-track demo)
06 Is It Over (live session 19-09-2001)
07 Let Me Move On (special radio edit)
08 You (peel sessions 31-10-2000)
09 We'll get When We Deserved (peel sessions 31-10-2000)
10 Walking in The Shadows (peel sessions 31-10-2000)
11 Fill Her Up (unrealised overdog remix)


3 коментара:

  1. Great band. Thanks for this. You don't have vol. 2 by any chance, do you...?

  2. Vol.2 is Libertine era demo collection (13 tracks), here it is for download: