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Luke Haines And The Auteurs - Das Capital

Das Capital is Luke Haines' tribute to himself. The album features orchestral re-recordings of some of his older songs from The Auteurs and Baader Meinhof periods, along with some new tracks.

01 Intro
02 How Could I Be Wrong
03 Showgirl
04 Baader Meinhof

05 Lenny Valentino
06 Starstruck
07 Satan Wants Me
08 Unsolved Child Murder
09 Junk Shop Clothes

10 The Mitford Sisters
11 Bugger Bognor
12 Future Generation

(2003, Hut Records)



Johnny Marr & The Healers - Free Christmas (instrumental)

Earlier this year, Johnny Marr announced he was leaving The Cribs after a three-year stint with the band, and said he’d be re-focusing his efforts on writing and recording new solo material with his band The Healers. Today we see the first results of that, via a free Christmas song named “Free Christmas,” naturally that the ex-Smiths guitarist is offering up to fans.


UPDATE:  Johhny Marr BBC 6 Music Vinyl Revival (18/12/2011)
Johnny reveals how he first bonded with Morrissey over a box of 7 inches, the start of a great songwriting partnership that would create classic hits over The Smiths' five year lifespan. Throughout his music career, Marr has challenged his skills as a player and a composer and drawn on a diverse gallery of influences. He reveals some of acts he has "borrowed" riffs from.

Music played:
The Animals — Its My Life
T. Rex — Metal Guru
N.F. Porter — Keep On Keeping On
The Smiths — Sweet and Tender Hooligan
The Marvelettes — You’re the One
Magazine — Shot By Both Sides
Arturo — E Type Hard On
Mina — Se Telefonanando
Modest Mouse — Dashboard
 Iggy & The Stooges — Penetration

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Morrissey - Reader Meet Author [Bootleg Vinyl Dub]

01 Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Feat. Sandie Shaw
02 Spring-heeled Jim [Vauxhall And I Outtake]
03 Reader Meet Author [Acoustic Demo]
04 Born To Hang
05 Sunny
06 Oh Phoney [Original Mix]
07 Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself [Vauxhall And I Outtake]
08 Interlude [Morrissey Solo Version]
09 Striptease With A Difference
10 Billy Budd [Vauxhall And I Outtake]



Electronic - Tighten Up (promo)

01 Electronic - Tighten Up (Single Edit)
02 Electronic - Tighten Up (Album Version)

(Warner Bros. 1990)