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A Certain Ratio - Shack Up (Electronic Mixes)

A Certain Ratio - Shack Up (Remixes)
(1994, Creation Records)
01 Shack Up (Radio Edit - Remix by Electronic)
02 Shack Up (Work Mix - Remix by Electronic)
03 Shack up (Wipe Out Edit - Remix by Electronic)
04 Life's A Scream (Shaven Not Stirred Mix)

Tracks 1, 2, 3 - remixed by Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr.


Mika (Austrian Duo) - Right Place, Right Time

Mika - Right Place, Right Time 
(2003, Klein Records Austria)

Style: Downtempo, Synth-pop, Experimental
Matthias Kertal and Simon Nola are Mika. Mika's musical home cannot be defined clearly. There is no such thing as a clear-cut definition of Mika's musical style. Their music cannot be squeezed into any simple category of short term trends. Simon Nola's and Matthias Kertal's passion consists rather in catching special moments, moods and emotions. They take great care in fusing together diverse musical styles: electronic music somewhere between song and track, between dancing, sitting, standing or lying. all this is spiced up by a nice bit of pop, the wonderful voices and moods of Simon Nola and Lea Sonnek. Electronica with soul.

01 My Opinion Never Sleeps
02 Trampolin
03 Interesting Times
04 From Now On Baby
05 Now I Know How Morrissey Felt (listen)
06 Integerstringfloat
07 Enthuiastic Part II
08 I'm Looking Through You (listen)
09 Masyuerade
10 Gratitude
11 Traveling Not Hunting (listen)
12 Suga
13 Right Place, Right Time


Foreign Press - The Great Divide 12"

Foreign Press - The Great Divide 12" (1983, EMI)

Foreign Press were a band from the Manchester area and era of the late to mid 80's who dallied with the Factory label yet never signed up to their anarchistic style of label management, opting instead for some major name promotion and PR - this ultimately didn't work out, they released only two singles for EMI. "The Great Divide" was produced by Be Music (Bernard Sumner and Donald Johnson). Foreign Press (aka Emergency) had had a long history with Sumner through both Joy Division and New Order.

(small news item - Sounds Magazine 11/1983)
01 The Great Divide
02 The Great Divide (12" Dance Mix)
03 Love Is A Strange Place


VA - Manchester, North of England

Label: Bop Cassettes
Year: 1988
Info: This album was distributed through Revolver and The Cartel and was available by mail order from BOP Cassettes in Manchester. It was presented by BOP Cassettes and City Life Magazine. Contains 14 tracks all of which were unreleased at this time. Limited to 1000 copies. Compiled by Sarah Champion and the title comes from t-shirt designed by Identity Clothing.

01 Man From Delmonte - Australia Fair
02 Inspiral Carpets - Joe
03 Pepplekade 14 - Uptown
04 New Morning - Working For The Payroll
05 Waltones - Smile
06 Jean Go Solo - In Salford The Sun Doesn't Shine
07 Penny Priest - Sometimes
08 James - Sky Is Falling
09 Bradford - Lust Roulette
10 Railway Children - Sunflower Room
11 Johnny Dangerously - Subway Life
12 Milltown Brothers - Janice Is Gone
13 Raintree County - Nice Time At The Disco
14 Dub Sex - Instead Of Flowers (Dubmix)



Pink Industry - What I Wouldn't Give

Pink Industry - What I Wouldn't Give 7" 
(1985, Zulu Records UK)
01 What I Wouldn't Give
02 Bound By Silence


The Impossible Dreamers/Think Almost Twice - Spin/Chikiba 12"

The Impossible Dreamers/Think Almost Twice 

Label: Supra Records
Year: 2008
Info: The Impossible Dreamers were a 1980s new-wave band that had a major club hit with their 12” single “Spin”. This re-release contains original version of The Imps classic Spin released on Arcadia Records in 1982.


01 The Impossible Dreamers - Spin (originally released in 1982)
02 Think Almost Twice - Chikiba 

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The Go Hole (Pre-Gene / Pre-Spin) - Flight Of Angels/Spanish Fly 7"

The Go Hole - Flight Of Angels/Spanish Fly 7"

Label: Big Pop Records
Year: 1987
Info: Before Gene they used to call Spin and before Spin - The Go Hole. They released one 7 inch vinyl in 1987 and recorded one John Peel session for BBC Radio 1 in 1989. One year later Steve Mason changed band's name to Spin.

01 Flight Of Angels
02 Spanish Fly



Kirsty MacColl (10 October 1959 – 18 December 2000) Ten Years After Her Tragic Death

Kirsty MacColl was a much loved English singer and songwriter who was killed by a power boat at the age of 41 whilst scuba diving with her sons in a restricted diving area off Cozumel, México on 18th December 2000. No-one was ever made accountable to the satisfaction of her family and friends. Justice for Kirsty Campaign
Kirsty MacColl - Kite (1989, Virgin Records)
01 Innocence
02 Free World
03 Mother's Ruin
04 Days
05 No Victim
06 Fifteen Minutes
07 Don't Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim!
08 Tread Lightly
09 What Do Pretty Girls Do?
10 Dancing in Limbo
11 The End Of The Perfect Day
12 You And Me Baby



Neil & Iraiza - Johnny Marr?

Label: Escalator Records Japan
Year: 1997
Info: or

01 Violleta
02 Tambourine Flat
03 Can I Do It?
04 American Calling Introduction
05 American Calling
06 Soft Rock Introduction 
07 Soft Rock
08 Picorine
09 No Existence Call
10 Edit. Meddle
11 Dream On The Weaver 
12 Nightmare #8
13 Wide And Side
14 Where Are You When I Need You
15 Tragedy Of The Soft Rocker
16 The Moon Wants To Shine Brighter Than The Sun



Boys - Wapping

Label: Smashing Time Records
Year: 2005
Info: ‘Boys’ is a Morrissey-obsessed rockabilly/pop band from Sweden part 2.

01 Wapping (Single Version)
02 I'm Savng You For Later
03 Kay Mary Kay



Troy Tate - Ticket To The Dark LP & Liberty LP

English musician and record producer. Member of The Teardrop Explodes and Fashion. If you google Troy Tate all you get are pages of The Smiths links, he was the bands first producer but got fired before the album was finished, which is one of those things I suppose, its just a shame that’s all he’s remembered for and not his great music.
Ticket To The Dark (1984, Sire Records)
01 Whip Crack Away (Factory Girl)
02 Safety Net
03 House Of The New Breed
04 Lifeline
05 I'm Not Your Toy
06 Party 
07 Thomas
08 Love Is...
09 Winning Team
10 All The Way Up

Liberty (1985, Sire Records)
01 Sorrow
02 Girl On A Ferry
03 Merry Go Round
04 High Altitude
05 Liberty
06 All In A Row
07 Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
08 Round & Round
09 God's Puppet
10 Airport Of Silence


Marion - Sleep

Label: London Records
Year: 1995

01 Sleep
02 Father's Day
03 Moving Fast
Produced by Stephen Street



Jan Gazarra - Love Rules

Label: Sunday Service
Year: 2006
Style: Folk Rock, Downtempo, Minimal
Info: "Love Rules" is Jan Gazarra's second solo album after "I've Come To See You Once Again" (Ladomat, 2002). As in his debut album, Jan Gazarra worked with various guest-musicians and producers for "Love Rules" such as Peter Kersten (Lawrence), Benjamin Wild, Alexander Polzin, Andi Maid (Kid Alex), Carsten Meyer (Erobique, International Pony) and Jörg Follert (Wechsel Garland). Beside his solo project, Gazarra also plays with Arp Aubert, the Stoned Eagles (12" on Mirau Musik in autumn) and in a proper rock band, Black Star, whose debut album can be expected in the coming year. Jan Gazarra has a knack for charming the ladies, which we learn from the very intro of the record. This rings true when the last note is played. The record is comprised of exactly ten such songs that cover a range from the dance floor hit "The Actress" over upbeat hymns to delicate gems like "Saint George Lullaby" and the John Lennon like pop anthem "Now". "Love Rules" contains many declarations of love, but one of the most beautiful ones is dedicated to Hamburg's quarter located at the central station, St Georg, where Gazarra lives at the heart of a busy music scene. In "Upstairs Of Social Hell", he contemplates the scenes below from his window like a dandy, only to drop his guard in the next moment and face us like a small boy in his late thirties, offering his most moving moments in staves, refrains and closing pieces that overflow like a dam in the rainy season. Jan Gazarra is a great post-modern songwriter who has brought us an album for people in love and people who look forward to falling in love again, because it promises the eventual return of the ever-changing. 

01 Intro
02 Love Rules
03 Prärie, Set Me Free! 
04 The Actress
05 Saint George Lullabye 
06 Now
07 Upstairs Of Social Hell 
08 Country Roads
09 Too Far Gone
10 Silence Room

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The Times - Manchester (cd single)

Label: Creation Records
Year: 1990

01 Manchester
02 Manchester (Georges Best Edit)
03 Ulysses
04 Shoom!



Inspiral Carpets - Saturn 5 (CD2-Remixes)

Label: Mute
Year: 1994
Note: Paul van Dyk is misspelled as "Paul van Dijk" on the sleeve.
The story of Paul Van Dyk and Inspiral Carpets: (from "Trance Europe Express" book) ...On paper, the Inspirals connection might seem to have been just a simple matter of serious wedge disappearing out of Mute supremo Daniel Miller's bank account and into Paul Van Dyk's pocket. Not so. Paul and the Inspirals go back way. When Madcunians were touring Germany in November '92 they called Mark Reeder, boss of MFS and an old friend of Martin Carpet's from Denton in Manchester.
Reeder got in touch with Paul to help him show the indie band round Berlin, and firm friendship developed. It's now got to the stage where they've invited Paul to DJ on their tour. We meet up for the nterview in the Inspiral Carpets dressing-room at London's Astoria, and there's plenty of mutual - but clearly genuine - back-slapping. The gist of it is that both parties respect the other's openness to what they do.
Paul's relationship to the Inspirals dates back to before the Wall came down, when he lived in Eisenstandt, East Germany. His earliest musical infatuation was for Manchester groups such as New Order, The Smiths and, later, the Inspiral Carpets - just check his all-time top five:

01 Saturn 5
02 Saturn 5 (High Energy Mix by Paul van Dyk)
03 Saturn 5 (Gravity Surge Mix by Paul van Dyk)
04 Party In The Sky (Donkey Mix by Dub Federation)



VA - Hit The North

Label: Bop Cassettes
Year: 1990
Info: Released at the peak of Madchester, this 14 track Manchester music compilation had indie and dance 'sides' reflecting the crossover between Acid House and guitar bands that set the city alight in the late '80s, early '90s.

Indie - Side
01 New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Lions
02 The Jerks - Didn't Quite Make It
03 The Australians - The Girl Who Loved Her Man Enough To Kill Him
04 Rig - B.R.O.
05 The Rainkings - Sunlight Fades
06 Paris Angels - Don't Fake Mine
07 The Bedflowers - In Love With 25 People
08 The Man From Delmonte - My Love Is Like A Gift You Can't Return
Dance - Side
09 Lavinia And Social Kaos - Soul MC
10 Ruthless Rap Assassions - Here Today... Here Tomorrow
11 Rowetta - No More war
12 Krispy Three - Destroy All Stereotypes
13 All Of My Life - All Of My Life
14 Revenge - Jesus i Love You


Pet Shop Boys - I Want To Wake Up (Johnny Marr Mixes)

Label: Parlophone (12" Promo)
Year: 1993
Info: This is the only remix that Johnny Marr has ever done. It was a mix of his favorite track from their 1987 album "Actually".

01 I Want To Wake Up (Johnny Marr 1993 Remix)
02 I Want To Wake Up (Johnny Marr Groove Mix)



Felt - Penelope Tree

Label: Cherry Red Records
Year: 1983

01 Penelope Tree
02 A Preacher In New England
03 Now Summer's Spread Its Wings Again



Easterhouse - Inspiration EP

Label: Rough Trade Records
Year: 1986
Info: On cover: Bobby Sands - a working class hero.

01 Inspiration
02 Easter Rising
03 Ninteen Sixty Nine
04 Johnny I Hardley Knew You