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Luke Haines And The Auteurs - Das Capital

Das Capital is Luke Haines' tribute to himself. The album features orchestral re-recordings of some of his older songs from The Auteurs and Baader Meinhof periods, along with some new tracks.

01 Intro
02 How Could I Be Wrong
03 Showgirl
04 Baader Meinhof

05 Lenny Valentino
06 Starstruck
07 Satan Wants Me
08 Unsolved Child Murder
09 Junk Shop Clothes

10 The Mitford Sisters
11 Bugger Bognor
12 Future Generation

(2003, Hut Records)



Johnny Marr & The Healers - Free Christmas (instrumental)

Earlier this year, Johnny Marr announced he was leaving The Cribs after a three-year stint with the band, and said he’d be re-focusing his efforts on writing and recording new solo material with his band The Healers. Today we see the first results of that, via a free Christmas song named “Free Christmas,” naturally that the ex-Smiths guitarist is offering up to fans.


UPDATE:  Johhny Marr BBC 6 Music Vinyl Revival (18/12/2011)
Johnny reveals how he first bonded with Morrissey over a box of 7 inches, the start of a great songwriting partnership that would create classic hits over The Smiths' five year lifespan. Throughout his music career, Marr has challenged his skills as a player and a composer and drawn on a diverse gallery of influences. He reveals some of acts he has "borrowed" riffs from.

Music played:
The Animals — Its My Life
T. Rex — Metal Guru
N.F. Porter — Keep On Keeping On
The Smiths — Sweet and Tender Hooligan
The Marvelettes — You’re the One
Magazine — Shot By Both Sides
Arturo — E Type Hard On
Mina — Se Telefonanando
Modest Mouse — Dashboard
 Iggy & The Stooges — Penetration

try bbc 6


Morrissey - Reader Meet Author [Bootleg Vinyl Dub]

01 Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Feat. Sandie Shaw
02 Spring-heeled Jim [Vauxhall And I Outtake]
03 Reader Meet Author [Acoustic Demo]
04 Born To Hang
05 Sunny
06 Oh Phoney [Original Mix]
07 Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself [Vauxhall And I Outtake]
08 Interlude [Morrissey Solo Version]
09 Striptease With A Difference
10 Billy Budd [Vauxhall And I Outtake]



Electronic - Tighten Up (promo)

01 Electronic - Tighten Up (Single Edit)
02 Electronic - Tighten Up (Album Version)

(Warner Bros. 1990)



Lloyd Cole And The Commotions - My Bag (Dancing Remix)

01 My Bag (Dancing Remix by François Kevorkian)
02 My Bag (Dancing Remix Dub by François Kevorkian)
03 Jesus Said

(Polydor Records, 1987)




Manchester Vs. Cancer 2008: The Farm, Inspiral Carpets & The Fratellis

01 Groovy Train (Fade In)
02 Stepping Stone
03 All Together Now
04 Dragging me Down (Fade In)
05 She Comes In The Fall
06 Two Worlds Collide
07 Saturn 5
08 This Is How It Feels
09 Introduction
10 Mabel
11 Baby Fratelli
12 A Heady Tale
13 Ole Black'n'Blue Eyes
14 Henrietta
15 Flathead
16 Chelsea Dagger

try (sound quality: audience recordings)


Fantastic Something Mix FS01

01 Intro
02 Billy Bragg - Levi Stubbs' Tears (Go! Discs)
03 Beats international - Won't Talk About it (London Records)
04 November Group - This Is Not Heaven (Not On Label)
05 Royal Family And The Poor - I Love You (Factory Records)
06 Ultramarine - Weird Gear (Blanco Y Negro)
07 Primal Scream - Come Together (Hypnotone Mix) (Creation Records)
08 Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (B. Sumner Mix)(Robs Records)
09 New Order - The Beach (Nicolas Jaar Edit) (Clown And Sunset Records)
10 The Times - Manchester (George Best Edit) (Creation Records)
11 Electronic - Getting Away With It (Original Mix) (Factory Records)
12 Pet Shop Boys - I Want To Wake Up (Johnny Marr Remix) (Parlaphone)
13 The Durutti Column - For Steven Patrick (Factory Records)



Counterfeit - The Good Samaritan (2011 Re-Release)

Originally released on Creation Records in 1989 only on 12"....Now it is re-released with a bonus track on a ltd. and numbered CD in card-sleeve on VOLLWERT RECORDS BERLIN - EDITION 59.



Cool as Ice: The Be Music Productions

VA - Cool as Ice: The Be Music Productions (2003, LTM)

One of the forgotten chapters in the story of New Order involves the group members' outside production work during the early '80s. In different combinations -- often including all-important input from A Certain Ratio drummer Donald Johnson (as Dojo) -- Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, and Bernard Sumner produced a slew of releases under the name Be Music, most of which were released through Factory. This compilation is built around the more club-oriented productions, many of which have held up remarkably well throughout the years, despite the fact that they've been heard by a crowd far too small in number. (allmusic review)

01 52nd Street - Can't Afford (To Let You Go) (B.Sumner production)
02 Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
03 Marcel King - Reach For Love (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
04 Quando Quango - Love Tempo (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
05 52nd Street - Cool As Ice (DoJo production)
06 Paul Haig - The Only Truth (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
07 Quando Quango - Atom Rock (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
08 Nyam Nyam - Fate/Hate (Peter Hook production)
09 Life - Tell Me (Gillian Gilbert & Steve Morris production)
10 Thick Pigeon - Babcock + Wilcox (G. Gilbert & S.Morris production)
11 Section 25 - Beating Heart (Bernard Sumner production)
12 Be Music - Theme (Peter Hook production)


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The House Of Love - Live (Promo)

The House Of Love - Live (1990, Fontana Promo)

01 Never (Chicago 06/02/90)
02 Road (Chicago 06/02/90)
03 Beatles And The Stones (Chicago 06/02/90)
04 In A Room (Chicago 06/02/90)
05 Christine (Chicago 06/02/90)



VA - Rockin' With Morrissey's Side-Men

VA - Rockin' With Morrissey's Side-Men 
(2006, Anagram Records)

01 The Polecats - Rockabilly Guy
02 The Polecats - Chicken Shack
03 Frantic Flinstones - Lunatics Are Ravin'
04 Frantic Flinstones - Love For A Nutter
05 The Sharks - Hooker
06 The Sharks - Scratchin' My Way Out
07 The Sharks - Surfcaster
08 The Sharks - My Neighbour's Garden
09 The Stringrays - June Rhyme
10 The Stringrays - Wedding Ring
11 The Gazmen - Rigormortis Rock
12 The Gazmen - Kid From Mars
13 The Gazmen - Teenage Operation
14 The Gazmen - Ace Of Hearts
15 Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros - 99 Girls
16 Johnny Panic - Not Bitter But Bored
17 Johnny Panic - Stay With Me
18 Johnny Panic - Paranoia

A unique idea - a compilation of all the original psychobilly/rockabilly bands that Morrissey's unique backing group have ever played in. Henceforth, you get The Polecats (Boz Boorer) The Frantic Flintstones, The Gazmen, the Sharks and the Nitros (Gary Day) Alain Whyte (The Sharks, Johnny Panic) and The Stingrays (Johnny Bridgewood). 

Boz Boorer - was in the brilliant rockabilly band The Polecats, but could often be found playing live with The Deltas and The Frantix
Gary Day - On the rockin' scene, Gary Day played on and off with The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks and The Nitros (who often recorded as Colbert Hamilton's backing group). He also recorded with The Gazmen, which was basically The Sharks with the addition of Morrissey's guitarist, Alain Whyte.
Alain Whyte - long time Moz collaberator and guitarist who was in a few obscure rockabilly bands before teaming up with The Sharks to record as The Gazmen, and then went on to play in and produce Johnny Panic and The Bible Of Dreams.
Johnny Bridgewood - one time Morrissey bassist came from the psycho/garage band, The Stingrays.

The Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken

The Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
(1991, Robs Records)

01 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
02 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (Instrumental)
03 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (Beat Mix)
04 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (Beat Dub Mix)


Hedy - Superfine

Hedy - Superfine (cd single,1996)
01 Superfine
02 Dreams Made Flesh
03 Virtual Girl

Hedy were post-Primitives band led by Paul Court. Following the breakup of The Primitives Paul formed "Starpower," which released two singles (Turn My World / Drifter) before changing names to "Hedy," a name that comes from the title of a film for which Lou Reed wrote music.


The Primitives - You Are The Way EP

The Primitives - You Are The Way EP CD5 (1991, RCA)

01 You Are The Way
02 Sun Pulse
03 In My Dreams
04 Stop Killing Me (Acoustic Version)


VA - Eternity: Project One

VA - Eternity: Project One (1989, Rough Trade Records)

01 Robo-Bop - Bang Me Baby
02 Lyndsey Holloday - Feel The Love
03 Splendid - Paco's Revenge
04 STP 23 - Let Jimi Take Over
05 Eternity - That's What I Want
06 Mr. Love - Mr. Love
07 Eternity - Ashram House
08 Eternity - Sanctuary
09 The Orb - Tripping On Sunshine (Live Mix)
10 Discotec 2000 - Feel This
11 The Orb - Borrowed Love (KLF Slow The Beats) /bonus track
12 Splendid - The Return Of Paco / bonus track


Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday (2 x 7" vinyl)

Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday 2x7" (2010, Major Minor)

7inch - №1
A Everyday Is Like Sunday (2010 Remaster) 
B Trash (Live at Pacific Ampitheatre, Coast Mesa, CA, 1991)

7inch - №2
Everyday Is Like Sunday (2010 Remaster)
B Everyday Is Like Sunday (Live at The Hollywood Bowl, June 8, 2007)


See See Rider - Stolen Heart EP

See See Rider - Stolen Heart EP CD (1991, Lazy Records)

01 Stolen Heart
02 Stolen Heart (Loop Mix)
03 Rosey Singer
04 Girl Gone Crazy (Original Version)


Unrest - Isabel Bishop EP

Unrest - Isabel Bishop EP (1993, 4AD)

01 Isabel
02 Teenage Suicide
03 Love To Know
04 Nation Writer


The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing EP

The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing EP (1992, Big Life)

01 Divine Thing (7" Edit)
02 Divine Thing (Revisited)
03 Divine Thing (Definition Of Sound Remix)
04 Driving
05 Electric Blues (Full Lenght)


These Things Take Time: The Story Of The Smiths (documentary)

01 These Things Take Time: The Story Of The Smiths 
(2002, Granada TV documentary)

Special feature about the story of the Smiths, with previously unseen performance and behind-the-scenes footage. Includes interview with Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke, Sandie Shaw, John Peel, Stephen Street and many others.



Orbital - Peel Session EP

Orbital - The Peel Sessions EP (1994, Internal Records)

01 Lush (Eurotunnel Disaster '94)
02 Walk About
03 Semi-Detached
04 Attached

First broadcast - September 10th 1993


Natural Life - Natural Life

Natural Life - Natural Life (1992, Hollywood Records)

01 Heartland (Intro)
02 Love
03 Natural Life
04 The Promise
05 Now Is The Time
06 Into Your Skin
07 Passion
08 Strange World
09 Deb 'N' Duff
10 Wishing Well
11 Colours
12 Heartland (Outro)


VA - Mojo Presents Panic

VA - Mojo Presents Panic (2011, Mojo Magazine)

01 Madness - Blue Skinned Beast
02 Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
03 Billy Bragg - Which Side Are You On?
04 Three Johns - World of Workers is Wild
05 Girls at Our Best - Getting Nowhere Fast
06 HMHB - National Shite Day
07 Wah - The Day Margaret Thatcher Dies
08 Orange Juice - Lean Period
09 Nightingales - First My Job
10 Television Personalities - Paradise Estate
11 Felt - Grey Streets
12 Mekons - Abermant 1984/5
13 Redskins - Lev Bronstein
14 McCarthy - Red Sleeping Beauty
15 Band of Holy Joy - Who Snatched the Baby?

Given away for free with Mojo magazine (April 2011)


Bernard Butler - The Garage Tapes

Bernard Butler - The Garage Tapes (cassette single) 
(1998, New Musical Express)
01 People Move On
02 Stay
03 I'm Tired

All tracks recorded live at The Garage, London 10th March 1998. 


VA - Utopia Revisited

VA - Utopia Revisited: Radio Utopia II (1998, Radio B92)

Radio B92 Selection Of Groovy Tunes:
01 Faze Action - Original Disco Motion
02 A.D.N.Y. - That Sax Song
03 The Amalgamation Of Soundz - 63rd Suite
04 16B - Water Ride
05 Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body
06 Future Legends - The Music
07 Subject 13 - True Skillz (Endemic Void remix)
08 Two Lone Swordsmen - Glide By Shooting
09 Maas - Look At Me Now, Falling (I-Cube Simple Mix)
10 Larry Heard - Guidance
11 Mouse On Mars - Cache Coeur Naif

During the past twelve years of its existence, Radio B92 has traveled a long way. It was the very first radio station in this corner of the world to put diverse styles of urban underground music on air. Back in 1989 it was the distorted guitar noise of Mudhoney and My Bloody Valentine, hip-hop breaks of A Tribe Called Quest and BDP and the sophisticated house grooves of Mr. Fingers and Inner City.
In the years that followed, besides regular broadcast, B92 has been supporting Yugoslav alternative acts through numerous record releases as well as creating a lively club scene by organizing hundreds of parties which have presented both local and famous international DJs such as Slam, DJ Hell, John Acquaviva, Phil Perry, Misjah, Trevor Rockcliffe and many more.
Utopia Revisited was the first release published under license in Yugoslavia since 1991 and there is only 1,000 copies. The inner sleeve of cd contains a short story called "Utopia Revisited" by Matthew Colin, author of Altered State: The Story Of Ecstasy Culture And Acid House. Dedicated to all the Belgrade people who have hammered a spike into dial-jog at 92.5 FM. Radio B92 - founded in '89, still surfin' the waves. 


Strangelove - Sway EP

Strangelove - Sway EP cd1 (1996, EMI)
01 Sway
02 Hold On
03 Ghost Haddock
04 Moon River (Live Acoustic Version)


Gene - Fill Her Up (cd1 & cd2)

Gene - Fill Her Up CD1 & CD2 (1999, Polydor Records)
01 Fill Her Up (Single Version)
02 Pass On To Me
03 Touched By The Hand Of Havoc

01 Fill Her Up
02 Common As Air
03 Slice


VA - Mojo Presents Beloved

VA - Mojo Presents Beloved (2008, Mojo Magazine)

01 House Of Love - Real Animal
02 Felt - Penelope Tree
03 The La's - Son Of A Gun (BBC Session)
04 The Monochrome Set - He's Frank (Slight Return)
05 The Loft - Up The Hill And Down The Slope
06 Blue Aeroplanes - Jacket Hangs
07 The Sound - Total Recall
08 Orange Juice - Simply Thrilled Honey  
09 McCarthy  - Keep And Open Mind, Or Else
10 Jane - It's A Fine Day
11 The Wild Swans - The Revolutionary Spirit
12 The Teardrop Explodes - Reward (BBC Session)
13 The Gist - Love At First Sight
14 Wah! Heat - 7 Minutes To Midnight
15 Half Man Half Biscuit - God Gave Us Life

Given away free with Mojo magazine issue No. 172 (March 2008)


Definition Of Sound - Wear Your Love Like Heaven EP

Definition Of Sound - Wear Your Love Like Heaven CDS 
(1991, Circa Records)

01 Wear Your Love Like Heaven
02 Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Extended Live Version)
03 I Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Daises
04 Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Kingdom Come Mix)


The Smiths - The 12" Mixes

The Smiths - The 12 Inch Mixes (1988, CBS Records Australia)

01 This Charming Man (New York)
02 How Soon Is Now?
03 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
04 Bigmouth Strikes Again
05 Ask

This release is the Smiths volume in a series of compilations of 12" mixes released for many artists in Australia. Because the Smiths only had "This Charming Man" remixed, it is the only song in this compilation to fit the theme. The others are the versions as they appeared on the 12" singles, so identical to the album versions.


Coulter - Sent To Coventry

Coulter - Send To Coventry (2009, Hairball 8 Records)

01 See You Next Tuesday
02 Lights, Camera, Dissatisfaction
03 Give it a Chance
04 The More I See
05 A Lifelong Romance
06 The Path of Most Resistance
07 The Happiest Days of My Life
08 How Would You Know I Was Looking At You...
09 Martial Hearts
10 Je Vous Pardonne Tout

“Listened to the right records growing up, and this album proves that the heart is still what matters when it comes to making great music” 
Andy Rourke from THE SMITHS

"With such a depressing album cover you might expect the music of this Seattle based solo artist to follow suit, but this album provides quite the opposite. Despite lyrics covering topics like lost love and dissatisfaction, Coulter manages to sound like an upbeat Morrissey, if such a thing exists."  
- Lifestyle Magazine (UK)

“Sent To Coventry’ is pop with thoughtful musings layered over jangly, guitars. Give It A Chance is about as raucous and as catchy as it gets.”
- Birmingham Sunday Mercury (UK)

“Like a destitute Morrissey performing Killers covers onstage at a local pub, (this) selection of songs wouldn’t sound out of place being performed on a 1980’s Eurovision song contest”
- What's On (UK)


June Brides - The Peel Sessions

June Brides - The Peel Sessions 
(1987, Strange Fruit Records)
01 This Town
02 Waiting For A Change
03 We Belong 
04 One Day

Recorded: 22th October 1985
First Transmission: 5th November 1985

© 1987 Strange Fruit Records
1987 BBC Enterprises Ltd.



Telex - Moscow Discow 7" & 12"

Telex - Moscow Discow (1979, Durium)

Moscow Discow (3' 09")
B Rock Around The Clock (3' 56")

A Moscow Discow (5' 27") - Disco Mix
B Rock Around The Clock (4' 56") - Disco Mix


(thanks to records 4 the people blogspot for giving me this two vinyls.)


The Claim - Boomy Tella

The Claim - Boomy Tella 
(1988, Esurient Communications)

01 Not So Simple Sharon Says
02 Love Letters
03 Beneath The Reach
04 All About Hope
05 Las Regas El Resoto
06 Down By The Chimney
07 Mrs. Shepard
08 Sanity Starts At Home
09 On My Way
10 Christopher

for more information and some rare stuff visit the claim's website


A Certain Ratio - 27 Forever

A Certain Ratio - 27 Forever (1991, Robs Records)

01 27 Forever (7" Mix)
02 27 Forever (Vocal Remix)
03 27 Forever (Instrumental Dub)
04 27 Forever (Higher Plane Edit)


The Smiths - Handsome Devils

The Smiths - Handsome Devils 
(1992, Les Inrockuptibles/Warner Music France)

01 Handsome Devil (Live at Hacienda 1983)
02 Jeane
03 Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Live at Brixton Academy 1986)
04 Money Changes Everything
05 Work Is A Four Letter Word
06 I Keep Mine Hidden
07 I Know It's Over (Extract from the last ever Smiths interview with Morrissey, September 8th 1987.)

This CD was given away with subscription to French magazine "Les Inrockuptibles". It was offered in issue 39 (October 1992). It features many uncollected b-sides. It more or less served at the time in France as an indirect promotional tool for the release of the "Best... I & II".
"I Know It's Over" is not a song but an extract of the interview given by Morrissey on 8 September 1987 to the magazine, during which he announced that the future of the Smiths was uncertain.


Autokat - Innocence / Short Circuit

The drummer in this video looks soooooo familiar!

Autokat - Innocence / Short Circuit

(2007, Akoustik Anarkhy Manchester)

01 Innocence
02 Short Circuit