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L'equipe de Morrissey et Marr... et plus!
Vini Reilly, Nile Marr, Spencer Cobrin, Alain Whyte, Andrew Berry, Mike Joyce, Ivor Perry, Craig Cannon.. ......................................................tracklist...........................................................

01 The Durutti Column - Love No More
02 Man Made - All Mine
03 Spencer Cobrin - Desert Sun
04 Red Lightning - Crush
05 Johnny Marr - New Town Velocity (XFM Session)
06 Cud - Sticks And Bones
07 The Sundays - Don't Tell Your Mother
08 The Weeds - China Doll
09 Bradford - Gatling Gun
10 Autokat - Short Curcuit
11 Venus - No. 1 Fan
12 The Cradle - It's Too High
13 Everything But The Girl - Anytown
14 La Sera - I Need An Angel
15 The Exuberants - Have You Tried Wide Trousers
16 Wiliam - Stretch Out And Wait



90's Mix

01 Where's The Beach - Suakin
02 Natural Life - Passion
03 The House Of Love - Beatles And The Stones (Peel Sessions)
04 Gary Clail On-U Sound Sistem - Speak No Evil
05 The Fall - Service
06 Electronic - Second To None
07 Tree Of Hearts - Joy
08 Afghan Whigs - Somethin' Hot (12" Mix)
09 Mad Jacks - Feel The Hit (Spice Remix)
10 Banderas - This Is Your Life
11 The Farm - Rising Sun


Jean Michel Jarre feat.Little Boots - If (Adriatic Sunset Mix)

Here's remix of Jean Michel Jarre's recent collaboration with Little Boots. Ethno-infused, soft and warm, just like that beautiful sunset on the Adriatic Coast. Done by Dreamlogic.



Working Week - Storm Of Light (12'')

...from Weekend to Working Week...

A) Storm Of Light feat. Julie Tippetts (Monsoon Version) 
B1) Afoche
B2) Storm Of Light (Intrumental Version)
(1984, Virgin Records)

(try .WAV files)


VA - Eighties Hateies

01 Easterhouse - New World In The Morning
02 The Housemartins - Get Up Off Your Knees
03 Jean Go Solo - Riverbank
04 The Candidates - Wednsday's Child
05 Trash Can Sinatras - Obscurity Knocks
06 The Claim - Not So Simple Sharon Says
07 Penny Priest - Sometimes
08 The Candidates - Sound Of Summer
09 It's Immaterial - Ed's Funky Diner (Saturday Night, Sunday Morning 12")
10 Bryan Ferry - The Right Stuff (Dub Edit)
11 Martin L. Gore - Compulsion
12 Counterfeit - Good Samaritan
13 Electronic - Some Distant Memory
14 Felt - Penelope Tree
15 The Loft - Up The Hill And Down To Slope
16 The Perfect Disaster - 55 Miles
17 Lloyd Cole - Jennifer She Said
18 The Railway Children - Monica's Light
19 The The - Beyond Love
20 Durruti Column - Messidor
21 Billy Bragg - Walk Away Renee
22 The Dream Academy - Please Please Please (Instrumental)


New Order - Blue Order (Mega-Mix) (12")

A) New Order - Blue Order (Mega-Mix)
B1) New Order - Blue Order (Mega-Mix II)
B2) Bronski Beat - Bonus Bronski Beats (Mega-Mix)
(1990, ON-USound)



NEW BANDS: John Hyatt And Periscope - Machine

Great new song (released 21 april 2012) by the original Inspiral Carpets drummer Martin Swinny teaming up with The Three Johns legendary songwriter-frontman-artist, vocalist and lyricist, John Hyatt. 



Karl Denver – Wimoweh 89 (12")

Recorded and mixed by Mike Pickering and Graeme Park.

A) Wimoweh 89
B) Wimoweh 89 (Instrumental)
(1989, Factory Records)



Jean Go Solo - Riverbank EP

Formed in 1986, briefly signed to U.K Independent label Big Round Records.They also feature on the BOP label compilation "Manchester North of England".

01 Jean Go Solo - Riverbank
02 Jean Go Solo - 3 Minutes
03 Jean Go Solo - Cold Alone
04 Jean Go Solo - Emotional Commotion
(1989, Big Round Records)



Lorraine - I Feel It (promo)

01 I Feel It (Radio Edit)
02 I Feel It (Cicada Remix)
03 I Feel It (Instrumental)
(2006, Waterfall Records Norway)



Ursula 1000 - Madchester Baggy Beat Mix

This mix for "Guilty Pleasures Radioshow" on Brooklyn Radio is all about early 90′s British baggy beat Madchester indie-guitar-dance stuff. Happy Mondays, Blur, The Charlatans, etc etc…

 01 Moonflowers - Get Higher (The Rather Large In The Bristol Area Mix)
 02 The Wonder Stuff - Circlesquare (Paranoia Mix)
 03 Happy Mondays - Step On
 04 The Farm - Stepping Stone (Ghost Dance Mix)
 05 Five Thirty - 13th Disciple
 06 Sp!n - Let’s Pretend
 07 Big Arm - Sunrays
 08 Citrus Groove - Bass Driver
 09 The Charlatans - The Only One I Know
 10 The Stone Roses - Fools Gold
 11 Blur - Bang
 12 Inspiral Carpets - Caravan
 13 International Resque - So Way Down
 14 Whiteout - Orange Overdrive
 15 Paris Angels – Perfume (Version)
 16 Northside - Shall We Take A Trip
 17 Ever - Virgin Eyes



The Smiths - Goodbye To Elvis (7")

Bootleg with fine quality. Taken from the Capital Theatre, Aberdeen (30/09/85). The audience sound is okay and the packaging is an amateurish pink sleeve with a poor photocopied picture of Elvis on the front. Supposedly limited to 300 copies.

A1) Still Ill
A2) Rusholme Ruffians (His Latest Flame)
B1) What She Said
B2) What's The World
(1985, Unofficial Release)



The Wolfhounds - EP 001

Another british Indie-Legend from the 80's are back and I'm proudly to present a great 3-track ep on VOLLWERT-RECORDS BERLIN. Strictly limited and numbered edition of 100 copies only.



The Dream Academy - Please Please Please (12'')

The Dream Academy covered “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” in 1984 (originally by The Smiths). This version peaked at #83 in the UK Singles Chart. The instrumental version of the song is the better known cover version, since it was used in the film Ferris Bueller’s "Day Off"  along with an other Dream Academy song “The Edge of Forever”. A similar (but vocal) single later appeared on the compilation album, Somewhere in the Sun… Best of the Dream Academy.

A1) Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
A2) Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Instrumental)
B1) In Places On The Run
B2) The Party (Acoustic Version)
(1985, Blanco Y Negro)



Dance Classics 12": David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)

I wanna start this Dance Classics 12"s with one of the best tracks of 1983. It can be heard on Greg Wilson's first DJ appearance on British TV (watch here). If some of you want to hear Larry Levan's versions of this great track leave a comment, I have that too.
David Joseph was the lead singer with Hi-Tension, one of the most successful Brit-Funk bands of the late 70s / early 80s, and “You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me)” was his debut solo release and become a huge dance hit in the UK, reaching the Top 20 of the national chart, whilst subsequently finding favor with US DJs, thanks to Larry Levan’s remix.

A) David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)
B1) David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (A Capella)
B2) David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (Instrumental)
(1983, Island Records)

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The Cure - Boys Don't Cry (New Voice - Club Mix) (12")

A SIDE - Resung and club mixed february 86, originally released june 79
B SIDE - Previously unreleased, original recording february 79, remixed feb 86

A) Boys Don't Cry (Extended 12" Dance Version)
B1) Pillbox Tales
B2) Do The Hansa
(1986, Fiction Records Germany)



Northside - Shall We Take A Trip / Moody Places (12'')

"Shall We Take A Trip" was banned by the BBC for its many references to drugs (specifically LSD) but despite the subsequent lack of airplay, it eventually broke into the Top 50 in the UK Singles Chart.. Single version of "Shall We Take A Trip" is 1 minute longer than on the album "Chicken Rhythms".

A Shall We Take A Trip
AA Moody Places
(1990, Factory Records)



B And The Bops - Prove Your Love Is True (7'')

Great rockabilly band from Croatia.

A Prove Your Love Is True 
B1 Boppin' Little Angel
B2 Don't Stop The Rock Bop
(2010, Sleazy Records Spain)



The Twilight Singers - Fila Brazillia Remixes (promo)

01 The Twilight Singers - Verti-Marte (Fila Brazillia Remix)
02 The Twilight Singers - That's Just How That Bird Sings (Fila Brazillia Remix)



Adriatic Cafe: Sunday Afternoon Mix Vol.9 by Dream Logic

Winter's slowly fading away, and to celebrate the birth of a new spring, Dreamlogic's Darko Lukic made a special super-hot 2-hour set of fresh, cutting edge electronic music...a taste of what's gonna hit the decks this summer. Beginning with slo-mo disco, moving on to house and then diving into deeper territories, it's all about love and pure joy of living...Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

01 Bubble Club - In Consequence Of A Wish
02 Softwar - Constellations
03 Chordashian - The Jam (Slow Hands Remix)
04 John Talabot Feat. Pional - Destiny
05 Gouplove - Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)
06 Plastic Plates - Toys
07 Lancelot - We Can Dance (Frames Remix)
08 Kris Menace Pres Stars On 33 - Luv
09 Blondes - Wines
10 Black Sabbath - Clanet Paravan (Mau's Balearic Remix)
11 Tony Betties - You And I (Mario Basanov Extended Mix)
12 Chis Malinchak - At Night
13 Tommy Disco - Since I Fell For You (Les Loups' Nympho Island Remix)
14 Mario And Vidis - Changed (John Talabots Private Mix)
15 Classixx - A Fax From The Beach
16 Rxgibbs - Future
17 Psychemagik - Valley Of Paradise (Rayko Mix)
18 Gus Gus - Within You (Lulu Rouge Remix - New Version)
19 Satin Jackets - Got To Be Love
20 Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (Original Mix)
21 Pachanga Boys - Time



Morrissey - You Are The Quarry: Interview Disc 2004

This interview cd (45min) was distributed around the time Morrissey's "You Are The Quarry" album was released. It features a recent interview to Los Angeles radio station KROQ. 



Electrafixion - Lowdown EP

01 Lowdown
02 Holy Grail
03 Land Of The Dying Sun
04 Razor's Blade
(1995, Warner Bros.)



Gene - Rarities Vol. 1

Gene rarities from my collection:
01 Baby I'm Sorry (demo)
02 Rising For Sunset (A full studio recorded demo version)
03 Left-Handed (demo cassette)
04 Yours For The Taking (live 2000/rising for sunset outtake)
05 For The Dead (4-track demo)
06 Is It Over (live session 19-09-2001)
07 Let Me Move On (special radio edit)
08 You (peel sessions 31-10-2000)
09 We'll get When We Deserved (peel sessions 31-10-2000)
10 Walking in The Shadows (peel sessions 31-10-2000)
11 Fill Her Up (unrealised overdog remix)



NEW BANDS: The Ran-Tan Waltz - Here Lies EP

Just to let the fans of Kirsty Maccoll know that band The Ran-Tan Waltz have recorded a song called "Helm of the Percalito" which is about Kirsty Maccoll. You can download the song as part of a 2 track demo/ep "Here Lies" which also features on the cover, the face of Kirsty Maccoll here. Both songs sounds great.

01 Bogota
02 Helm of the Percalito



Stop Modernists ft. Chris Lowe - Subculture

Cover of New Order's Subculture from Finnish DJ/producers Jori Hulkkonen and Alex Nieminen with Pet Shop Boys Chris Lowe's vocals.

01 Stop Modernists ft Chris Lowe - Subculture (Radio Edit)
02 Stop Modernists ft Chris Lowe - Subculture (Dub Mix)



Luke Haines And The Auteurs - Das Capital

Das Capital is Luke Haines' tribute to himself. The album features orchestral re-recordings of some of his older songs from The Auteurs and Baader Meinhof periods, along with some new tracks.

01 Intro
02 How Could I Be Wrong
03 Showgirl
04 Baader Meinhof

05 Lenny Valentino
06 Starstruck
07 Satan Wants Me
08 Unsolved Child Murder
09 Junk Shop Clothes

10 The Mitford Sisters
11 Bugger Bognor
12 Future Generation

(2003, Hut Records)



Johnny Marr & The Healers - Free Christmas (instrumental)

Earlier this year, Johnny Marr announced he was leaving The Cribs after a three-year stint with the band, and said he’d be re-focusing his efforts on writing and recording new solo material with his band The Healers. Today we see the first results of that, via a free Christmas song named “Free Christmas,” naturally that the ex-Smiths guitarist is offering up to fans.


UPDATE:  Johhny Marr BBC 6 Music Vinyl Revival (18/12/2011)
Johnny reveals how he first bonded with Morrissey over a box of 7 inches, the start of a great songwriting partnership that would create classic hits over The Smiths' five year lifespan. Throughout his music career, Marr has challenged his skills as a player and a composer and drawn on a diverse gallery of influences. He reveals some of acts he has "borrowed" riffs from.

Music played:
The Animals — Its My Life
T. Rex — Metal Guru
N.F. Porter — Keep On Keeping On
The Smiths — Sweet and Tender Hooligan
The Marvelettes — You’re the One
Magazine — Shot By Both Sides
Arturo — E Type Hard On
Mina — Se Telefonanando
Modest Mouse — Dashboard
 Iggy & The Stooges — Penetration

try bbc 6


Morrissey - Reader Meet Author [Bootleg Vinyl Dub]

01 Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Feat. Sandie Shaw
02 Spring-heeled Jim [Vauxhall And I Outtake]
03 Reader Meet Author [Acoustic Demo]
04 Born To Hang
05 Sunny
06 Oh Phoney [Original Mix]
07 Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself [Vauxhall And I Outtake]
08 Interlude [Morrissey Solo Version]
09 Striptease With A Difference
10 Billy Budd [Vauxhall And I Outtake]



Electronic - Tighten Up (promo)

01 Electronic - Tighten Up (Single Edit)
02 Electronic - Tighten Up (Album Version)

(Warner Bros. 1990)



Lloyd Cole And The Commotions - My Bag (Dancing Remix)

01 My Bag (Dancing Remix by François Kevorkian)
02 My Bag (Dancing Remix Dub by François Kevorkian)
03 Jesus Said

(Polydor Records, 1987)




Manchester Vs. Cancer 2008: The Farm, Inspiral Carpets & The Fratellis

01 Groovy Train (Fade In)
02 Stepping Stone
03 All Together Now
04 Dragging me Down (Fade In)
05 She Comes In The Fall
06 Two Worlds Collide
07 Saturn 5
08 This Is How It Feels
09 Introduction
10 Mabel
11 Baby Fratelli
12 A Heady Tale
13 Ole Black'n'Blue Eyes
14 Henrietta
15 Flathead
16 Chelsea Dagger

try (sound quality: audience recordings)


Fantastic Something Mix FS01

01 Intro
02 Billy Bragg - Levi Stubbs' Tears (Go! Discs)
03 Beats international - Won't Talk About it (London Records)
04 November Group - This Is Not Heaven (Not On Label)
05 Royal Family And The Poor - I Love You (Factory Records)
06 Ultramarine - Weird Gear (Blanco Y Negro)
07 Primal Scream - Come Together (Hypnotone Mix) (Creation Records)
08 Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (B. Sumner Mix)(Robs Records)
09 New Order - The Beach (Nicolas Jaar Edit) (Clown And Sunset Records)
10 The Times - Manchester (George Best Edit) (Creation Records)
11 Electronic - Getting Away With It (Original Mix) (Factory Records)
12 Pet Shop Boys - I Want To Wake Up (Johnny Marr Remix) (Parlaphone)
13 The Durutti Column - For Steven Patrick (Factory Records)



Counterfeit - The Good Samaritan (2011 Re-Release)

Originally released on Creation Records in 1989 only on 12"....Now it is re-released with a bonus track on a ltd. and numbered CD in card-sleeve on VOLLWERT RECORDS BERLIN - EDITION 59.



Cool as Ice: The Be Music Productions

VA - Cool as Ice: The Be Music Productions (2003, LTM)

One of the forgotten chapters in the story of New Order involves the group members' outside production work during the early '80s. In different combinations -- often including all-important input from A Certain Ratio drummer Donald Johnson (as Dojo) -- Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, and Bernard Sumner produced a slew of releases under the name Be Music, most of which were released through Factory. This compilation is built around the more club-oriented productions, many of which have held up remarkably well throughout the years, despite the fact that they've been heard by a crowd far too small in number. (allmusic review)

01 52nd Street - Can't Afford (To Let You Go) (B.Sumner production)
02 Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
03 Marcel King - Reach For Love (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
04 Quando Quango - Love Tempo (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
05 52nd Street - Cool As Ice (DoJo production)
06 Paul Haig - The Only Truth (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
07 Quando Quango - Atom Rock (B.Sumner & DoJo production)
08 Nyam Nyam - Fate/Hate (Peter Hook production)
09 Life - Tell Me (Gillian Gilbert & Steve Morris production)
10 Thick Pigeon - Babcock + Wilcox (G. Gilbert & S.Morris production)
11 Section 25 - Beating Heart (Bernard Sumner production)
12 Be Music - Theme (Peter Hook production)


Related Post: Foreign Press - The Great Divide 12"


The House Of Love - Live (Promo)

The House Of Love - Live (1990, Fontana Promo)

01 Never (Chicago 06/02/90)
02 Road (Chicago 06/02/90)
03 Beatles And The Stones (Chicago 06/02/90)
04 In A Room (Chicago 06/02/90)
05 Christine (Chicago 06/02/90)



VA - Rockin' With Morrissey's Side-Men

VA - Rockin' With Morrissey's Side-Men 
(2006, Anagram Records)

01 The Polecats - Rockabilly Guy
02 The Polecats - Chicken Shack
03 Frantic Flinstones - Lunatics Are Ravin'
04 Frantic Flinstones - Love For A Nutter
05 The Sharks - Hooker
06 The Sharks - Scratchin' My Way Out
07 The Sharks - Surfcaster
08 The Sharks - My Neighbour's Garden
09 The Stringrays - June Rhyme
10 The Stringrays - Wedding Ring
11 The Gazmen - Rigormortis Rock
12 The Gazmen - Kid From Mars
13 The Gazmen - Teenage Operation
14 The Gazmen - Ace Of Hearts
15 Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros - 99 Girls
16 Johnny Panic - Not Bitter But Bored
17 Johnny Panic - Stay With Me
18 Johnny Panic - Paranoia

A unique idea - a compilation of all the original psychobilly/rockabilly bands that Morrissey's unique backing group have ever played in. Henceforth, you get The Polecats (Boz Boorer) The Frantic Flintstones, The Gazmen, the Sharks and the Nitros (Gary Day) Alain Whyte (The Sharks, Johnny Panic) and The Stingrays (Johnny Bridgewood). 

Boz Boorer - was in the brilliant rockabilly band The Polecats, but could often be found playing live with The Deltas and The Frantix
Gary Day - On the rockin' scene, Gary Day played on and off with The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks and The Nitros (who often recorded as Colbert Hamilton's backing group). He also recorded with The Gazmen, which was basically The Sharks with the addition of Morrissey's guitarist, Alain Whyte.
Alain Whyte - long time Moz collaberator and guitarist who was in a few obscure rockabilly bands before teaming up with The Sharks to record as The Gazmen, and then went on to play in and produce Johnny Panic and The Bible Of Dreams.
Johnny Bridgewood - one time Morrissey bassist came from the psycho/garage band, The Stingrays.

The Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken

The Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
(1991, Robs Records)

01 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken
02 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (Instrumental)
03 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (Beat Mix)
04 Dreams Were Made To Be Broken (Beat Dub Mix)


Hedy - Superfine

Hedy - Superfine (cd single,1996)
01 Superfine
02 Dreams Made Flesh
03 Virtual Girl

Hedy were post-Primitives band led by Paul Court. Following the breakup of The Primitives Paul formed "Starpower," which released two singles (Turn My World / Drifter) before changing names to "Hedy," a name that comes from the title of a film for which Lou Reed wrote music.


The Primitives - You Are The Way EP

The Primitives - You Are The Way EP CD5 (1991, RCA)

01 You Are The Way
02 Sun Pulse
03 In My Dreams
04 Stop Killing Me (Acoustic Version)


VA - Eternity: Project One

VA - Eternity: Project One (1989, Rough Trade Records)

01 Robo-Bop - Bang Me Baby
02 Lyndsey Holloday - Feel The Love
03 Splendid - Paco's Revenge
04 STP 23 - Let Jimi Take Over
05 Eternity - That's What I Want
06 Mr. Love - Mr. Love
07 Eternity - Ashram House
08 Eternity - Sanctuary
09 The Orb - Tripping On Sunshine (Live Mix)
10 Discotec 2000 - Feel This
11 The Orb - Borrowed Love (KLF Slow The Beats) /bonus track
12 Splendid - The Return Of Paco / bonus track


Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday (2 x 7" vinyl)

Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday 2x7" (2010, Major Minor)

7inch - №1
A Everyday Is Like Sunday (2010 Remaster) 
B Trash (Live at Pacific Ampitheatre, Coast Mesa, CA, 1991)

7inch - №2
Everyday Is Like Sunday (2010 Remaster)
B Everyday Is Like Sunday (Live at The Hollywood Bowl, June 8, 2007)


See See Rider - Stolen Heart EP

See See Rider - Stolen Heart EP CD (1991, Lazy Records)

01 Stolen Heart
02 Stolen Heart (Loop Mix)
03 Rosey Singer
04 Girl Gone Crazy (Original Version)


Unrest - Isabel Bishop EP

Unrest - Isabel Bishop EP (1993, 4AD)

01 Isabel
02 Teenage Suicide
03 Love To Know
04 Nation Writer


The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing EP

The Soup Dragons - Divine Thing EP (1992, Big Life)

01 Divine Thing (7" Edit)
02 Divine Thing (Revisited)
03 Divine Thing (Definition Of Sound Remix)
04 Driving
05 Electric Blues (Full Lenght)


These Things Take Time: The Story Of The Smiths (documentary)

01 These Things Take Time: The Story Of The Smiths 
(2002, Granada TV documentary)

Special feature about the story of the Smiths, with previously unseen performance and behind-the-scenes footage. Includes interview with Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke, Sandie Shaw, John Peel, Stephen Street and many others.