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VA - The Magical Sound Of The San Francisco Underground EP

Label: Fabulous Music UK / Hardkiss US
Year: 1992
Style: Breakbeat, House, Electro
Info: Genius sample usage and yes, a mash up. Take the jangle from the Smiths "William It Was Really Nothing", the guitar from Cocteau Twins "Lorelei" and a chorus shouting "all night long" probably from Lionel Richie and one or two other choice samples and you have yourself a party rock anthem called Joy. 
The rest of the ep is for the most part average to good. Given the proper dj treatment and placement, Arabia and I Feel It are workable and capable of getting some results and surely to get some heads running with wtf! pasted on their faces. Forget Mrs. Blowpop tho, it's crap. (discogs review)

01 Mrs. Blowpop - Sonic
02 Love Club - Arabia
03 Tree Of Hearts - Joy
04 Enlight - I Feel It


The Heart Throbs - I Wonder Why EP

Label: One Little Indian
Year: 1990

01 I Wonder Why
02 Big Commotion
03 Clear As A Bell
04 Pale Fire



VA - 15 Flaming Groovies

Label: Fire Records
Year: 1989
Info: Rare Fire Records compilation.

01 The Perfect Disaster - '55
02 The Perfect Disaster - Hey Now
03 Spacemen 3 - Revolution
04 Spacemen 3 - Hypnotized
05 Chuck Prophet - Scarecrow
06 Chuck Prophet - Look Both Ways
07 Close Lobsters - Lovely Little Swan
08 Close Lobsters - Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
09 The Parachute Men - Bed And Breakfast
10 The Parachute Men - Leeds Station
11 The Television Personalities - The Room AT The Top Of The Stairs
12 The Television Personalities - My Hedonistic Tendencies
13 Dave Graney - World Full Of Daughters
14 Dave Graney - The Greatest Show In Town
15 Blue Aeroplanes - Veils Of Colour
16 Blue Aeroplanes - Continually Torn Apart
17 The Royal Assassins - Open Up The Rivers
18 The Royal Assasins - Quit Sun



The Primitives - Way Behind Me

Label: RCA
Year: 1988

01 Way Behind Me
02 All The Way Down
03 Way Behind Me (Acoustic Version)
04 All The Way Down (Beat Version)



The Railway Children - Rarities #1

Label: Ether Records
Year: 2007
Info: A 10-song album of unreleased Railway Children rarities is available on Ether Records run by Gary Newby (who lives in Japan). Rarities #2 (Live) is now available for download only direct from

01 Shopping Around
02 Dream Arcade (original version)
03 Like No Other
04 Railroad Side (original version)
05 Wait For The Worthless
06 Can't Follow The World
07 Darkness and Colour (original version)
08 Ready Amber
09 Sunflower Room
10 Because (live version)



Dodgy - Every Single Day (part one)

Label: A&M Records
Year: 1998

01 Every Single Day
02 The Bridge
03 Look Up (Hip Mix)



Creation Records' First 100 Singles (from 1983 to 1991)

Creatiopart 1 (featuring the singles in order of catalogue number from 1983 to 1987)

part 2 (featuring the singles in order of catalogue number from 1987 to 1990)

part 3 (featuring the singles in order of catalogue number from 1990 to 1991)


A Riot Of Colour - Complete

Label: Dreamworld Records / Everlasting
Year: 1986/1987
The story of A Riot Of Colour by Alister Jackson (member of AROC): Every band has a place where they say it all started. Ours was Aberdare Gardens, a leafy street in North London's Swiss Cottage. Having moved 'up to the smoke' from Sevenoaks to start a band, A Riot of Colour (name pinched from a newspaper headline about the Queen) was born in this enormous Victorian house, shared with between 7 and 19 others, depending on who'd been to The Blenheim that night!
London's permanent drummer shortage led to our enlisting a Sequential Circuits DrumTraks for our debut two-song 7" Lyntone flexi-disc. Twenty years of hindsight has shown this delicate black sliver of plastic to have been the perfect ambassador, opening some interesting doors including the biggest, John Peel's. It couldn't have been simpler. Waiting outside the Beeb for a couple of nights at ten-past-midnight and handing it over to him in person. In our naïvety, we keenly listened to his show the next night and, lo and behold, he actually went and played the thing.
We sold the disc to Peel's listeners for 50p to cover postage. Free copies we'd left on Rough Trade's counter-top were devoured and a review in Sounds singles page followed. Soon afterwards John Walters called to offer us a session. What, after one flexi? We truly were shocked and stunned. All of sudden we were a real band and we needed a drummer fast. (read more)

Skink/Newtown (flexi-disc)
01 Skink
02 Newtown

Skink EP
01 Skink
02 House
03 Country
04 Newtown

Swallow EP
01 Swallow
02 Too Close
03 03 Sign 'O' The Cross (Version)



The Lightning Seeds / Terry Hall - Sense

"Sense" was Ian Broudie's first song-writing collaboration with Terry Hall. Since the early 1990's Terry's name has been increasingly linked to the Lightning Seeds. Terry had been one of Ian's favourite lyricists and wanted to work with him again (they met before and worked on some material from The Colourfield). In 1992 Broudie (The Lightning Seeds) released second single "Sense" off the album (after "Life of Riley" single) however it was only a minor hit. Terry Hall recorded his own version of the song a couple of years later on "Home" produced by Ian Broudie. Terry Hall's single from 1995 featured the album version of "Sense" together with two covers - The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" and Bacharach and David's "This Guy's in Love with You". The cover of the single features a picture of Terry Hall as a kid.

The Lightning Seeds - Sense (1992, Virgin Records)
01 Sense
02 Flaming Sword
03 Hang On To A Dream
04 The Life Of Riley (Remix)

Terry Hall - Sense (1995, Anxious Records)
01 Sense
02 God Only Knows
03 This Guy's In Love With You


The Times - Lundi Bleu

Label: Creation Records
Year: 1992
Info: Ed Ball's version of  New Order's "Blue Monday".

01 Lundi Bleu (Radio Edit)
02 Lundi Bleu (Praise The Lord Mix)
03 Lundi Bleu (The Grid's World Communication Mix)
04 Lundi Bleu ('Smiling' Remix)
05 Lundi Bleu (Brazilian Vocal Edit)
06 Lundi Bleu (Japanese Vocal Edit)
07 Lundi Bleu (German Vocal Edit)
08 Lundi Bleu (Spanish Vocal Edit)



Raymonde - Stop Kicking My Heart Around

Label: Chrysalis
Year: 1988
Info: Mancunian band, led by James Maker.

01 Stop Kicking My Heart Around (Single Version)
02 Fool of Fortune
03 Love, Sex, Security



Lean Tales - 7" & EP

Label: Bubblegum Records
Year: 2009/2010
Info: Lean Tales were a Glasgow-based band formed in early 2007 and broke up in 2010. The bands sound is a mix of jangle pop and classic sound of 60’s girl groups. Also may be of interest to the avid The Smiths/The Organ listener.

Come Take Me​/​Laundry Pills 7" (unreleased) 
01 Come Take Me
02 Laundry Pills

Flesh and Paper EP
01 The Taste Of Superglue
02 Penny On The Floor
03 Money Smile
04 Days Are Quick


Echobelly - Bellyache EP

Label: Pandemonium Records
Year: 1993
Info: Debut release on the independent Pandemonium label.

01 Bellyache
02 Sleeping Hitler
03 Give Her A Gun
04 I Don't Belong Here



Calm Of Zero (ex Echobelly) - Demos

Label: Not On Label / Unsigned
Year: 2010
Info: Sounds, music, lyrics... Echobelly? Close, but.. Sonya Madan and Glenn Johansson, both formerly of Echobelly, returns in 2010 with their brand new project - Calm of Zero.

 01 Silence On The Radio
02 Mind Over Matter
03 Happiness
04 Flesh And Bones
05 Leviathan
06 Still Running
07 Long Way Round



The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly

Label: Factory Records
Year: 1989
Info: He was in his Morrissey phase... there you go.
The story of a sleeve: Vini wanted a photo on the cover for a change. He even had his hair done by Andrew Berry for the shoot. The print went off to Mark Holt and the usual ground breaking 8vo sleeve was created.
Vin didn't like the sleeve, didn't like it one bit. "Here's Bob Dylan, do it like that", said Vini. It's the sleeve you see on the cover of this CD.
Mark Holt, Vini's graphics magician, founder of the legendary 8vo, thinks today that three weeks at the Woolhall working with the two Stephens on 'Viva Hate' had messed him up; "He was in his Morrissey phase, wanted the picture bigger... there you go." [click to see original 8vo artwork]

01 Love No More
02 Pol In G
03 Opera I
04 People's Pleasure Park
05 Red Square
06 Finding The Sea
07 Otis
08 William B
09 They Work Every Day
10 Opera II
11 Homage To Catalonea
12 Requiem Again
13 My Country


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