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VA - Manchester, North of England

Label: Bop Cassettes
Year: 1988
Info: This album was distributed through Revolver and The Cartel and was available by mail order from BOP Cassettes in Manchester. It was presented by BOP Cassettes and City Life Magazine. Contains 14 tracks all of which were unreleased at this time. Limited to 1000 copies. Compiled by Sarah Champion and the title comes from t-shirt designed by Identity Clothing.

01 Man From Delmonte - Australia Fair
02 Inspiral Carpets - Joe
03 Pepplekade 14 - Uptown
04 New Morning - Working For The Payroll
05 Waltones - Smile
06 Jean Go Solo - In Salford The Sun Doesn't Shine
07 Penny Priest - Sometimes
08 James - Sky Is Falling
09 Bradford - Lust Roulette
10 Railway Children - Sunflower Room
11 Johnny Dangerously - Subway Life
12 Milltown Brothers - Janice Is Gone
13 Raintree County - Nice Time At The Disco
14 Dub Sex - Instead Of Flowers (Dubmix)


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