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Boys - In Loch Ness

Label: Smashing Time Records
Year: 2005
Info: ‘Boys’ is a Morrissey-obsessed rockabilly/pop band from Sweden.

01 The Anatomy Of Melancholy
02 Sex: Male; Race: White
03 The Chrysler Song
04 Rockabilly Swing Swung Gal
05 Wapping (Whitechapel Version)
06 There Is Someone Who Loves You
07 Maria Dolores
08 The Girl Who Had Everything
09 Quo Estai Amore
10 Oh, Johnny


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  1. hi, is it possible to get the link up again for this awesome post??!!thanx.

  2. of course cino, here it is:

  3. yeeuh!! awesome and great blog by the way. i can't find this cd anywhere at all!! thank you sooo much. and one more thing.. i am becoming a regular visitor of yer blog!!

  4. hello!
    quite an awesome blog you have there!
    i'm wondering why you upload yr files to sendspace though. It's a sluggish and completely unreliable service. What about mediafire or multiupload etc?
    Anyway, i would really appreciate you re-uploading thw boys album, it's impossible to find anywhere.
    Thanks & keep up the good work

  5. hello sz! to be honest, I don't know why I upload files on sendspace.. old habit :-)

  6. thanks a lot!
    If you like check out my big fat greek post about our Moz here