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The Beat Club - Security (Bernard Sumner Remix) EP

The Beat Club - Security EP (1990, Robs Records)

01 Security (Remix) Edit
02 Security (Remix)
03 Security (Dub) 
04 Rebel Son

Tracks 1 to 3 remixed by Bernard Sumner. 
This was first release from Rob Gretton's label Robs Records. Robs Records was the dance-tinged record label side project of the late Rob Gretton, the ex-manager of Joy Division and then New Order. It was run out of an address right next to Fac 51 The Hacienda, the club Rob had been instrumental in establishing. New artists such as the Beat Club, Mr Scruff and Sub Sub (who would later become Doves) were quickly signed up. Also became the home for ex-Factory label industrial funksters A Certain Ratio (who released some of their best work during this time).

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