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The Smiths - Handsome Devils

The Smiths - Handsome Devils 
(1992, Les Inrockuptibles/Warner Music France)

01 Handsome Devil (Live at Hacienda 1983)
02 Jeane
03 Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Live at Brixton Academy 1986)
04 Money Changes Everything
05 Work Is A Four Letter Word
06 I Keep Mine Hidden
07 I Know It's Over (Extract from the last ever Smiths interview with Morrissey, September 8th 1987.)

This CD was given away with subscription to French magazine "Les Inrockuptibles". It was offered in issue 39 (October 1992). It features many uncollected b-sides. It more or less served at the time in France as an indirect promotional tool for the release of the "Best... I & II".
"I Know It's Over" is not a song but an extract of the interview given by Morrissey on 8 September 1987 to the magazine, during which he announced that the future of the Smiths was uncertain.

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