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The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning / 24K (Morgan Geist Cover + Original)

'Burning' was the opening track on The Whitest Boy Alive's album Dreams, originally released in 2006. Fortunately, the track still manages to sound fresh, with the guitar-driven new wave disco theme dished out in charmingly slack fashion, while Erland Oye's rich croon holds everything together at the front end. The B-side is '24k' by Morgan Geist, here played with live instruments and the odd synth fill here and there. It's an appropriate sort of track for The Whitest Boy Alive, who themselves were once an all-electronic outfit, only to switch over to that tried and tested formula of guitar, bass and drums. (bookmat)

The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning / 24K (UK Single Version)
(2007, Modular Recordings)
01 Burning
02 24K

Morgan Geist - Super 12"
(2001, Envirion US)
01 24K
02 Sleaze
03 Lullaby

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