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Coulter - Sent To Coventry

Coulter - Send To Coventry (2009, Hairball 8 Records)

01 See You Next Tuesday
02 Lights, Camera, Dissatisfaction
03 Give it a Chance
04 The More I See
05 A Lifelong Romance
06 The Path of Most Resistance
07 The Happiest Days of My Life
08 How Would You Know I Was Looking At You...
09 Martial Hearts
10 Je Vous Pardonne Tout

“Listened to the right records growing up, and this album proves that the heart is still what matters when it comes to making great music” 
Andy Rourke from THE SMITHS

"With such a depressing album cover you might expect the music of this Seattle based solo artist to follow suit, but this album provides quite the opposite. Despite lyrics covering topics like lost love and dissatisfaction, Coulter manages to sound like an upbeat Morrissey, if such a thing exists."  
- Lifestyle Magazine (UK)

“Sent To Coventry’ is pop with thoughtful musings layered over jangly, guitars. Give It A Chance is about as raucous and as catchy as it gets.”
- Birmingham Sunday Mercury (UK)

“Like a destitute Morrissey performing Killers covers onstage at a local pub, (this) selection of songs wouldn’t sound out of place being performed on a 1980’s Eurovision song contest”
- What's On (UK)

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