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Inspiral Carpets - Saturn 5 (CD2-Remixes)

Label: Mute
Year: 1994
Note: Paul van Dyk is misspelled as "Paul van Dijk" on the sleeve.
The story of Paul Van Dyk and Inspiral Carpets: (from "Trance Europe Express" book) ...On paper, the Inspirals connection might seem to have been just a simple matter of serious wedge disappearing out of Mute supremo Daniel Miller's bank account and into Paul Van Dyk's pocket. Not so. Paul and the Inspirals go back way. When Madcunians were touring Germany in November '92 they called Mark Reeder, boss of MFS and an old friend of Martin Carpet's from Denton in Manchester.
Reeder got in touch with Paul to help him show the indie band round Berlin, and firm friendship developed. It's now got to the stage where they've invited Paul to DJ on their tour. We meet up for the nterview in the Inspiral Carpets dressing-room at London's Astoria, and there's plenty of mutual - but clearly genuine - back-slapping. The gist of it is that both parties respect the other's openness to what they do.
Paul's relationship to the Inspirals dates back to before the Wall came down, when he lived in Eisenstandt, East Germany. His earliest musical infatuation was for Manchester groups such as New Order, The Smiths and, later, the Inspiral Carpets - just check his all-time top five:

01 Saturn 5
02 Saturn 5 (High Energy Mix by Paul van Dyk)
03 Saturn 5 (Gravity Surge Mix by Paul van Dyk)
04 Party In The Sky (Donkey Mix by Dub Federation)


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