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Mika (Austrian Duo) - Right Place, Right Time

Mika - Right Place, Right Time 
(2003, Klein Records Austria)

Style: Downtempo, Synth-pop, Experimental
Matthias Kertal and Simon Nola are Mika. Mika's musical home cannot be defined clearly. There is no such thing as a clear-cut definition of Mika's musical style. Their music cannot be squeezed into any simple category of short term trends. Simon Nola's and Matthias Kertal's passion consists rather in catching special moments, moods and emotions. They take great care in fusing together diverse musical styles: electronic music somewhere between song and track, between dancing, sitting, standing or lying. all this is spiced up by a nice bit of pop, the wonderful voices and moods of Simon Nola and Lea Sonnek. Electronica with soul.

01 My Opinion Never Sleeps
02 Trampolin
03 Interesting Times
04 From Now On Baby
05 Now I Know How Morrissey Felt (listen)
06 Integerstringfloat
07 Enthuiastic Part II
08 I'm Looking Through You (listen)
09 Masyuerade
10 Gratitude
11 Traveling Not Hunting (listen)
12 Suga
13 Right Place, Right Time

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