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Troy Tate - Ticket To The Dark LP & Liberty LP

English musician and record producer. Member of The Teardrop Explodes and Fashion. If you google Troy Tate all you get are pages of The Smiths links, he was the bands first producer but got fired before the album was finished, which is one of those things I suppose, its just a shame that’s all he’s remembered for and not his great music.
Ticket To The Dark (1984, Sire Records)
01 Whip Crack Away (Factory Girl)
02 Safety Net
03 House Of The New Breed
04 Lifeline
05 I'm Not Your Toy
06 Party 
07 Thomas
08 Love Is...
09 Winning Team
10 All The Way Up

Liberty (1985, Sire Records)
01 Sorrow
02 Girl On A Ferry
03 Merry Go Round
04 High Altitude
05 Liberty
06 All In A Row
07 Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
08 Round & Round
09 God's Puppet
10 Airport Of Silence


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