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Mitch Benn And The Distractions - Too Late To Cancel

Mitch Benn And The Distractions - Too Late To Cancel 
(2004, Laughing Stock Productions)

Too Late To Cancel is the third album by radio comedian Mitch Benn, released in 2004 under the name of 'Mitch Benn and The Distractions' and featuring his backing band composed of Kirsty Newton and Tasha Baylis. All songs were written by Mitch Benn. Several had previous versions feature in the radio show "Mitch Benn's Crimes Against Music".
Mitch Benn's Crimes Against Music is a BBC Radio 4 comedy series, taking a satirical look at popular music. It is written by and stars Mitch Benn and Robin Ince. It began in 2004, and has run for 3 series so far.

01 We Haven't Got A Clue
02 Never Went Through A Smiths Phase (listen)
03 Boy Band
04 I Want
05 Can't Do Disco
06 Lonesome Führer
07 Stinky Pants
08 Now He's Gone
09 Never Mind The Song (Look At The Stage Set)
10 Tea Party
11 One-Way System Blues
12 Hard To Shock
13 I'm Still Here
14 West End Musical
15 The Hardest Song In The World To Find
16 Please Don't Release This Song
17 The Interactive Song (Live)
18 Macbeth (My Name Is) (Live)
19 Baby I'm Sorry (Live)

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