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Then & Now: The Desert Wolves

jangle pop kings from Manchester
The Desert Wolves were a 5-piece pop group from Manchester set up during the mid 80’s In Manchester. In 1987 they released "Love scattered Lives" on the Ugly Man Record imprint, which received much critical acclaim at the time but commercially did not make much impression outside of their native Manchester.
The Line up at that time was - Martin King (lead singer), David Platten (Lead Guitar) Nick Platten (Rhythm Guitar) RIchard Jones (Bass) and Craig Winterburn (Drums).Nowadays Martin King and David Platten play in the The Vermont Sugar House
The Vermont Sugar House are pure pop for now and then people. Some have called it shoegazery indie - an eerie cross between Nick Heywood and the Bachelors, others cite Richard Hawley and Badly Drawn Boy.

The Desert Wolves - Love Scattered Lives EP 
(1987, Ugly Man Records)
01 Love Scattered Lives
02 Stopped In My tracks
03 Desolation Sunday Morning

The Vermont Sugar House - Westminster Bridge EP
(2008, Cloudberry Records)
01 Westminster Bridge
02 Walking Distance (Feat. Ally)
03 Braveheart

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