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VA - Auteur Labels: Object Music 1978-1981

Auteur Labels: Object Music 1978-1981
(2008, LTM Recordings)
 One of the earliest independent labels in Manchester following the impact of punk, but also arguably the most obscure over time, Object Music, founded by Spherical Objects leader Steve Solamar to release his band's work, had completely disappeared from formal circulation after he wrapped up the label in 1981. The sole exception to this disappearance was the Passage's earliest work, which LTM re-released in 2002. Six years later, LTM was able to do a full retrospective on the label's releases, covering not only a slew of individual albums but creating this overview, pulling together a variety of album tracks and otherwise unavailable single and compilation songs as a handy starting point for the curious.

01 Spherical Objects - The Kill
02 Spherical Objects - The Knot
03 Steve Miro & The Eyes - Dreams Of Desire
04 Steve Miro & The Eyes - Queen Of The Sea
05 Grow Up - River
06 Grow Up - Stay Awake
07 Grow Up - 10 Minutes
08 Alternomen Unlimited - Facade
09 Warriors - Martial Time/Martial Law
10 Steve Miro - Up And About
11 Steve Miro - Smiling In Reverse
12 Spherical Objects - Seventies Romance
13 Spherical Objects - Sweet Tooth
14 Contact - Fascinated By Time?
15 Contact - Nite Time
16 The Passage - Troops Out
17 The Passage - My One Request
18 Manchester Mekon - The Cake Shop Device
19 IQ Zero - Insects
20 Grow Up - Joanne
21 Grow Up - Affirmation Of Existence/Swept Away
22 Grow Up - Gggdadgadadad
23 Steve Solamar - Forewarned
24 Noyes Brothers - The Mutant
25 Noyes Brothers - Decision Time
26 Alternomen Unlimited - Connections (for ever and ever)


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