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VA - The Magical Sound Of The San Francisco Underground EP

Label: Fabulous Music UK / Hardkiss US
Year: 1992
Style: Breakbeat, House, Electro
Info: Genius sample usage and yes, a mash up. Take the jangle from the Smiths "William It Was Really Nothing", the guitar from Cocteau Twins "Lorelei" and a chorus shouting "all night long" probably from Lionel Richie and one or two other choice samples and you have yourself a party rock anthem called Joy. 
The rest of the ep is for the most part average to good. Given the proper dj treatment and placement, Arabia and I Feel It are workable and capable of getting some results and surely to get some heads running with wtf! pasted on their faces. Forget Mrs. Blowpop tho, it's crap. (discogs review)

01 Mrs. Blowpop - Sonic
02 Love Club - Arabia
03 Tree Of Hearts - Joy
04 Enlight - I Feel It

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