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The Railway Children - Rarities #1

Label: Ether Records
Year: 2007
Info: A 10-song album of unreleased Railway Children rarities is available on Ether Records run by Gary Newby (who lives in Japan). Rarities #2 (Live) is now available for download only direct from

01 Shopping Around
02 Dream Arcade (original version)
03 Like No Other
04 Railroad Side (original version)
05 Wait For The Worthless
06 Can't Follow The World
07 Darkness and Colour (original version)
08 Ready Amber
09 Sunflower Room
10 Because (live version)


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  1. Hi I think the link is down can you reupload it again...and do you have the live GENTLE SOUND Album Thank you very much..........LOUIE -TORONTO CANADA

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