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The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly

Label: Factory Records
Year: 1989
Info: He was in his Morrissey phase... there you go.
The story of a sleeve: Vini wanted a photo on the cover for a change. He even had his hair done by Andrew Berry for the shoot. The print went off to Mark Holt and the usual ground breaking 8vo sleeve was created.
Vin didn't like the sleeve, didn't like it one bit. "Here's Bob Dylan, do it like that", said Vini. It's the sleeve you see on the cover of this CD.
Mark Holt, Vini's graphics magician, founder of the legendary 8vo, thinks today that three weeks at the Woolhall working with the two Stephens on 'Viva Hate' had messed him up; "He was in his Morrissey phase, wanted the picture bigger... there you go." [click to see original 8vo artwork]

01 Love No More
02 Pol In G
03 Opera I
04 People's Pleasure Park
05 Red Square
06 Finding The Sea
07 Otis
08 William B
09 They Work Every Day
10 Opera II
11 Homage To Catalonea
12 Requiem Again
13 My Country


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