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The Lightning Seeds / Terry Hall - Sense

"Sense" was Ian Broudie's first song-writing collaboration with Terry Hall. Since the early 1990's Terry's name has been increasingly linked to the Lightning Seeds. Terry had been one of Ian's favourite lyricists and wanted to work with him again (they met before and worked on some material from The Colourfield). In 1992 Broudie (The Lightning Seeds) released second single "Sense" off the album (after "Life of Riley" single) however it was only a minor hit. Terry Hall recorded his own version of the song a couple of years later on "Home" produced by Ian Broudie. Terry Hall's single from 1995 featured the album version of "Sense" together with two covers - The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" and Bacharach and David's "This Guy's in Love with You". The cover of the single features a picture of Terry Hall as a kid.

The Lightning Seeds - Sense (1992, Virgin Records)
01 Sense
02 Flaming Sword
03 Hang On To A Dream
04 The Life Of Riley (Remix)

Terry Hall - Sense (1995, Anxious Records)
01 Sense
02 God Only Knows
03 This Guy's In Love With You

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